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    Maisie, Annabel, or Evie?

    Hey, I just wanted to get everyone's opinion. I am currently trying to conceive my second child. I have always been a fan of Annabel if its a girl but I feel like its becoming a lot more common. Evie is another choice though we'd probably choose the name Eva or Eve and just call her Evie as a nn, we both really like it though I know Eva is very popular too. Our third choice is Maisie, I think it's perfect, sweet, charming, full of life and not so common, again it would be a nn for something probably Madeleine (different I know, but we have out reasonings and we'd mostly just call her Maisie). The middle name would most likely be Louise to honor my g. grandmother. That's the other problem I have with Annabel, I feel Louise doesn't flow well after it.
    Anyway, which name would you most like to hear on a new baby? Which is your favorite in general? Maisie, Annabel or Evie? TIA!

    Just a side note I love the idea of being able to call a daughter Evie Lou or Maisie Lou, Annabel will have to find another middle
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    Eva Louise! Gorgeous! Eva might be becoming more popular, but I know you won't meet too many Evie Lous! Madeleine Louise is also charming, but Eva Louise is beautiful!
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    Madeleine Louise or Annabel Louise. Don't worry about the flow, it doesn't really matter.
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    I love all three! In the UK where I'm based Annabel, Maisie and Evie (the name itself) are all gaining in popularity. Their hot property and I totally understand why. Annabel is really wholesome and has a lovable feel. Maisie feels very rural, she has a great character and looks sweet. Evie has a elegant, intriguing style. I also love that the name has this really light feel. Their all gorgeous choices, but my favourite is Evie. I love the name Eve (Eva is lovely also, but she's gaining popularity and I think Eve has more elegance) she's my third favourite girl's name - mine are Jane, Rosalie & Eve - and I think Evie has a nickname for Eve just makes such a great elegant choice. I love it.

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    Eva Louise and Madeline Louise are both gorgeous. You may like Anastasia Louise which is on my list. I think you have some great options.
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