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    Quote Originally Posted by hydrangea View Post
    If I were you, I would stick with the second middle name tradition. The fact of the matter is, you really won't be using it too often, and it's important to your significant other. On that note, I would recommend using a shorter firstname. The more syllables you have jammed into one name, the sloppier it sounds.

    I also think it's really kind of you to be putting so much thought and effort into this! It shows that you care about your partner so much.

    Best of luck!
    That's very sweet to say! Thank you.

    Personally, an emotional connection to our child's name far outweighs how a name sounds or how popular it is. I would like for our childrens' names to be a reflection of our family values and have significance to both of us and our families. I also have a great amount of respect for family tradition, and my darling SO.

    There are a multitude of short names that I adore, including my father's name, Dean. I'm going to consider it more seriously for the first name spot. Thank you for posting.
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    It's WAY too much for me, 2 middles is too much for me. Really if that was my name, I think I would legally change it later on and shorten it. I would hate to have that long of a name. Also depending on where you live, you might have trouble fitting all those names on a form....

    Also with double last names, you have to be careful since if your daughter marries, she might end up deciding to triple it! But I think in most cases those girls just choose to take their husband's name to avoid the hassle (which could be worse if he has a double barreled last name and she wants to keep hers... that's 4 last names! hence why I'm not a fan of those either)

    BUT it's all personal preference....
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    I think that is way too many.

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    I say for go it! In a lot of places they use multiple middle names. I know I will be using two middle names as well. Plus, it's not very often people will ever call your child by their whole name. Or even, the child having to write out their full name.

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