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    How many names is too many?

    Hi Berries,

    My SO has a family tradition of having a second middle name for each child - Mary for a girl and Joseph for a boy.

    It was never a cause for concern until he decided that he wanted to hyphenate his birth father and adoptive father's last name and have his surname legally changed as such. I understand why he made the choice and fully respect his choice, however I'm starting to feel that five names might be one name too many for our future children.

    First Middle Middle Last-Last (last name is 3 syllables in total)

    What do you think? Is five names too many?
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    I would definitely narrow it down to one middle name. Maybe contemplate choosing one of his last names for the children so that they don't have to hyphenate...probably not an option, just an idea!

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    Well, three syllables for the last isn't bad.

    If I really felt the need for the additional middle name (rather than only using Mary and Joseph) I' probably go with something 1 syllable to make it feel less fussy.

    Alice Gale Mary Baker-Smith isn't nearly as bad as Elizabeth Fiona Mary Baker-Smith

    It's definitely a lot of names, and I'd probably push for using Mary only, but I don't think it's completely undoable.
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    I don't think it's ideal, but it isn't too over-the-top. For me, I would rule out any princessy, fluffy type names because it puffs it up even more. Arabella & Raphael might not work for you as well as Anne or Wren. But really, you know what works for you.

    It seems like all of these extra name issues come from your SO traditions & choices so feel free to use that as leverage and get full veto power!

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    It is definitely a lot of names, but maybe you could somehow combine you're tradition and his last name by making the middle a smoosh name something like Rosemary, Annemarie or maybe even Amerie? or maybe shortening Joseph to Jo?

    But in the end, I think five names aren't too bad especially since the last name is only three syllable.
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