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    My daughter has 2 middle names and a double-barrelled 4 syllable surname. It has never caused any problems and we've never not had enough room for the names. This baby will also have 2 middles with the d-b surname. We do lean towards shorter names so that helps. As long as it flows I don't have a problem with it.
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    As someone with a long first name, Alexandra and two mn's Sophie M____ and a three syllable last name I can say it doesn't feel super long or cumbersome. Both my mn's are two syllables long. It might feel a little unconventional right now but I'd mull it over with a few combos for a while and see how it sits. My cousin has the same LN as me and both his daughters have two middle names in a 4/3-3-3/2-3 pattern and it totally works.

    (Upside to a hyphenated last name is that the 3 letter monogram problem goes away. Something at always mildly bothered me.)
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    I honestly think one middle name is enough. I'd shorten the last name to just one name, too, instead of hyphenating it.
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    Here's what I'd do:

    Firstname Mary Lastname-Lastname for a girl
    Firstname Joseph Lastname-Lastname for a boy

    That way you keep the Mary/Joseph tradition going in a modified form and pare the whole thing down to four names rather than five.
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    I don't think it's too many names, actually, especially if the names have significant meaning or a tradition attached to it. I think it's quite lovely and attaches a family history to the child through the name. And, in normal, everyday life, the child will be known by first name and simple hyphenated last name. I think it's worse to cut the child out from the family naming tradition simply because he or she has a (rather easy) hyphenated last name.
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