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    It depends on the names. I think __ ____ Mary/Joseph Baker-Smith won't be too bad as long as you keep the other two names relatively short. It might be that your child decides to go primarily as ___ Baker or ___ Smith unofficially anyway, I know a couple of people with double surnames who've dropped one half of it, though one of those was more Spanish naming customs rather than it being hyphenated. It would be worse if your surname was a mouthful, like Henderson-Newbury, but if it's only three syllables, Baker-Smith is really no different from being Henderson in terms of spoken length.

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    I'm one of those people who think that basically, no name is too much (because of number of names at least), especially if it has familial significance. (Having said that, Uma Thurman's daughter does have quite a lot of name, even if it is very pretty) No-one I know with two middle names has encountered any problems at all, simply because few other people know what their full name actually is. One example is a friend with five names - two middle names and a hyphenated surname - which has a total syllable count of 9, and her name has never been an issue on official documents etc. I say go with tradition here. Good luck anyway!

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    I don't think it's too much, and it's not like it's just naming for the sake of naming. One is tradition and the fact that the surname is hyphenated makes it even less "too much". Personally I think it's too much when a kid has like four-five given names, to me the only ones with a legitimate reason to give their children that many names are the royals (and Uma Thurman, but who are we kidding - she's almost royalty); and surnames are in a class for themselves (there are a lot of different reasons to give a child several surnames, and I think that it's alright to have several surnames).
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    I've seen people with that many names and even more and they weren't royal. Do what your gut tells you and if your gut tells you it's too much then that's fine. You also need to remember when your children are adults they will marry and might not have a hyphenated name. And if that's the case 2 middle's is not as much as it seems now...

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    I'm trying to be okay with it but the fact is that I strongly feel that five names is too many. I'm wondering if the second middle name can be put on the legal birth documents and remain unused on other legal forms or shortened to an initial. I will have to look into this.

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