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    how to honor the family indirectly

    It's important to me to honor family members with my kids names, but I am having trouble making it work! I want to use names similar to family names, but not exactly the same. I would love suggestions for what I can use similar to these names.

    Mary Catherine - Marianne, Cate, Catalina, ?
    Shirley Grace - ... no clue.
    Ella Mae- Eleanor, Ellie, Elodie, ?
    Lisa Renee - Elisabeth, ?

    these will only be used as middle names with the exception of Elisabeth nn Elise, and maybe Cate as a nn for Charlotte.
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    Mary Catherine - Cate would definitely work, and really anything with Mar- at the beginning. Marigold, Mariana, Carey, Maren
    Shirley Grace - what about Charlotte, Sharon, Sharice, Gray/Grey,
    Ella Mae- Eleanor, Ellie, Elodie, -- all those would work, really anything with -ell- Bella, Stella, etc.
    Lisa Renee - Elisabeth - sure that would work. Linnea?
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    Honoring family is great, but you've got to love the name. Maybe stick family names in the middle? Personally, I gave my daughter 2 middles- one honoring one of my family members & one for a husband's family member. The first name is all her own, just one we loved!

    Also- look to surnames and family occupations, place names of towns/states your family lived in or hailed from, important months, hobbies & values. That way if you can't make your great aunt's first name wearable you could use something like Cambell if it were her maiden name, Summer if she loved warm weather or Tailor if she worked as a seemstress or Magnolia if you remember the trees in her backyard, ect. You might be surprised what you find if you just start writing down words that you associate with these specific family members.

    Mary Catherine - Marietta, Merit, May, Mavis, Mabel, Marina, Marin, Marisa, Marissa, Marika, Marcy, Macy, Marcela, Marcella, Marsha, Mara, Moira, Marvel, Marlene, Marla, Marlena, Marnie, Katherine, Katia, Katrina, Nina
    Shirley Grace - Shay, Gray, Shelly, Marcheline,
    Ella Mae- Ellen, Elena, Elle
    Lisa Renee - Lee, Analiese, Lila, Lita, Leda, Lina, Wren

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    Are you looking for trendy, modern, vintage, classic, etc.? I think narrowing down your style will help your figure out which direction to go
    There are lot of options my favorite tend to be looking at the letters.
    First of all any two names put together could be honoring if they have the same initials as the person you are honoring:
    Melanie Clarice, Savannah Gertrude, Eve Mary, Lorelai Rachel all work.
    Mary Catherine I like McKenzie or McKinzie as way to honor M.C. I also think all of the international variations could work. Rosemary could also work.
    Shirley Grace is tough. I like Grace as a first name. Hannah/Anna/Nancy all mean grace. Maybe Hannah Shirley? Maybe Shelby seems more modern. Anne Shelby? Sky seems another option.
    Ella Mae is gorgeous and very modern sounding. Ella could be Eleanor. If you look at Nameberry's post today it has ideas for names to do with Mae. also something with the name Ella in it. Stella, Marcella, etc.
    Finally Lisa Renee. An out of the box suggestion is Isla, which is an anagram of the Lisa. Renee is a cognate of Renata, Renate, Renia.
    Here are the international variations:

    Good Luck!

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