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    I don't really like names in a sib-set to not flow. I know a sibset that is L!nley, F@ith, Ell3ry, and @bel. L!nley, Ell3ry, and @bel are almost unheard-of, while F@ith is fairly common. Oh well. Here's the ones I think would flow best:

    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Eden
    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Chloe (although there is a TV show about twins named Zack and Cody, so I'd be wary of that, since Chloe sounds similar to Cody)
    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Shiloh
    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Isla

    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Brody (Again, with the TV show.)
    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Jude
    Lily, Chase, Zack, and Finn
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    Personally, I think Riley and Chloe, Kendall, Austin all fit with your other children's names
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I think it really only "means" anything if the difference is really extreme. Like Bob and Fioramettica or Fiona and Keiko. Only because it would draw attention and cause explanatory conversations.
    Yeah, people might ask if one of your kids is adopted. lol.

    Actually as a kid it was really important to me that my name fit in with the rest of my family - and I don't have siblings.
    I was always an outsider and a loner as a kid, knowing that my family at least thought I fit and belonged even though in very many ways I was nothing like any of them. This doesn't mean each name needs the same number of letters, and has to start and end with the same letter and have the same origin. But some cohesion as Kala_Way suggested would be really important to me.

    I think since you are thinking about keeping shorter names that have no nn's that completely qualifies as cohesion of sorts.
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