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    Question Middle names for Lachlan?

    We are expecting baby #6 this summer. He will join four brothers and a sister. We have obviously used our previous favorite boys' names already. And, the thought of just using a name that was leftover on one of his brothers' baby name lists bugs me. I don't know why it does, it just does. Anyway, we recently came across the perfect first name. And, very importantly, to me, one that hadn't crossed our radar as we named his older brothers...Lachlan. Lachlan is also a great fit for us because half of dh's family has viking roots, so the name's meaning has real meaning for us.

    Okay, now to the question, middle names for Lachlan? I am out of fresh ideas! Names we will not consider due to them already being in use with his brothers and/or cousins are:
    Jason, Xavier, Griffin, Alexander, Jackson, Isaiah, Phoenix, Landon, Theodore, Lennox, James, Karl, Donald, Parker, Ryan, Jeremy, Thomas or Justin. Names that end with an L or double L (Mitchell, Dashell, Lionel, etc) are also out as they wouldn't work well with our last name.

    The good news, that leaves a whole lot of names out there. The bad news, we aren't at all sure what to use and I really don't want to just pull out his brothers' old baby name lists and take a left-over off of one of them. It's very important to us that names have meaning but Lachlan itself fufills that for us so we are open to just about any middle name as long as we like the sound and flow of it with his other names.

    Please help with middle names for Lachlan! Your suggestions are very appreciated!

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