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    Quote Originally Posted by neuilly View Post
    I automatically think of the tea, but honestly I think the middle name spot is pretty fair game for almost anything. Chamomile though to me has a sort of dusty/grandmothery feel to it so I'd be picky about which vintage names I'd combine it with. I do like that it has a sort of soft quality to it.

    Liliana Chamomile
    Helena Chamomile
    Rita Chamomile
    Susannah Chamomile
    Ada Chamomile
    Rita Chamomile is adorable! I had removed Chamomile from my list but I might have to tuck her away somewhere for Rita.


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    thejollyfinch Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I can never keep straight which is which. I always tell my SO it's because of the German/English thing but I think my brain just doesn't compute that they are two different things. (I'm constantly asking for Calamine tea - lol.)
    For that reason alone I don't think I'd use it as a name. I do see the appeal though. Have you considered Camille or Camilla as a "legit" but very similar sounding name?
    I actually don't like Camilla or Camille at all. Silly, I know.

    Chamomile and calamine sould really similar and so they're easy to mix up. You weren't the only one!

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