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    I think Maude is cute, and timely but she isn't my favourite retro choice. I would prefer Mary. As for Chamomile for me this isn't a great choice, I think this name is too out-their and I automatically thought of chicken pox as well.

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    The first thing I thought of was Lucy Chamomile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    when I first read the post, I thought I'd always been spelling it wrong but the OED says Chamomile is the N. American spelling so I believe Camomile is British

    EDIT: Is it pronounced different over the pond? Just re-read the OP and saw the 'meel' ending. I've always pronounced it with the 'mile' ending
    I actually prefer the Camomile spelling! Very pretty!

    And yes, I have heard the -mile pronunciation, but everyone I know pronounces it cam-o-meel as well.

    I guess it's similar to the aluminum/aluminium differentiation. Same thing, different spellings and pronunciations.
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    Chamomile is lovely. It is sweet and whimsical, familiar enough, the eye might see Camille, but aside from that I think it's so nice in the middle spot. It makes me think of something like really works, but it makes most of the names that I like sound like they could belong to Beatrix Potter characters or something so I tread lightly!

    Maude is a good pair in length & vibe, but all of the Ms trip me up a bit.

    I think longer fns work fine too

    Ruth Chamomile
    Lydia Chamomile
    Beatrice Chamomile
    Diana Chamomile
    Catherine Chamomile
    Eve Chamomile
    Edith Chamomile
    Elena Chamomile
    Frances Chamomile
    Ingrid Chamomile
    Julia Chamomile
    Lorna Chamomile
    Loretta Chamomile
    Penelope Chamomile
    Ramona Chamomile
    Susanna Chamomile
    Zelda Chamomile

    I would steer clear of anything botanical or nature names

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    It sounds weird to me. I'm pretty adventurous but I just think of tea when I hear chamomile. I think it has sort of a medicinal sound and doesn't sound pleasant as a name.
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