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    You guys are so sweet! I do love Elizabeth, but there's something about Theresa I find classic and unique at the same time. That probably makes no sense... Anyway, I also like Julia a lot (but I have a really bad association with it) and I love Violet, though I'm not a fan of the nn Vi. And I agree that it doesn't go too well with Mary, but it's a family name and I wouldn't want to change it. I like it with Eleanor, though.
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    I like Elizabeth but the perfect name, IMO, is Eleanor!

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    My mom is a Kathryn and two of her siblings are Robert and James (Bob/Bobby and Jim) She went by Kate and her other two sisters are Joan and Elizabeth (nickname Betty.. but I like Libby too). Her other brother is Edward (Eddie/Ed) if you're ever looking for another boy option

    Needless to say I much prefer Elizabeth to Ruby in this situation

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    Elizabeth. It's much prettier than Ruby and goes much better with your other kids. I'm not a big fan of Libby on a baby or little girl, but it's okay.

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