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    Adeline Petunia??

    After months of not wanting to discuss middle names for Adeline, my husband finally agreed to begin to talk about it. He told me why all the choices I had come up with weren't good, of course without offering any suggestions of his own. But, last night, to my great surprise, he suggested Petunia.

    Now, I love the name itself. The thing is, about seven years ago, when our guinea pigs had babies, a girl piggie was going to be named Petunia (we ended up with two boys, Winston and Pillow). So...while I had thought of Petunia as a pet name, we never actually had a pet with that name.

    My question is, what do you think of Adeline Petunia? Is it too cutesy? Is the pseudo-guinea pig association bad? Could an adult have Petunia as a middle name, without it seeming weird? ( I realize, of course, you can get away with more in the middle name). Do you think the name works because of the growing trend of more unusual botanical names?

    Thanks for your thoughts, everyone!

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    Petunia reminds me of the aunt in Harry Potter and tuna, and after your guinea pig tale I can't picture it on anything but a rude relative and a guinea pig. Adeline is such a pretty name, deserving of a pretty middle...

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    Good luck!
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    My only issue with Petunia is that it reminds me of Harry Potter's aunt.

    That aside, Petunia is great in the middle spot. Adeline is "safe" enough to keep Petunia from feeling too wacky. Petunia isn't my favorite, but Adeline Petunia is a nice name.

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    Hmm. I personally find it too cutesy...I like a lot of botanical names, but Petunia is just not a name I can picture on a person. You have some lovely names in your signature that I think sound a lot nicer (or has he vetoed those already?). The almost-pet-name connection would not bother me, by the way. Good luck!

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    I kinda' like it. Adeline Petunia is unexpected. Petunia might not be everyone's cup of tea but she seems sweet and has cute nickname options if you ever desire to use them.

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