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    What type of girl comes to mind?


    I've recently fallen in love with the name Violet. It's classy, feminine and not least around here. Anyway, out of curiousity what type of girl do you imagine when you hear the name Violet?

    Also interested in what middle names you would pair with it. To me, a middle name has to flow well if that makes sense and ideally should have meaning. My moms name is Annabelle. Wdyt of the combo Violet Annabelle? Do you prefer a shorter or longer middle name? Our last name has two syllables.

    Just looking for as many suggestions/opinions as possible because Violet is at the top of our list

    Ella is the other name at the top of our list so you can better get a sense of our naming style.

    Thanks for all your responses.

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    Violet is great. I like it more than Ella because it feels like it has more substance. I like the floral/plant connection too.

    Violet Annabell is really sweet & girly. I like that it has family meaning.

    I think Violet works with any length middle.

    Violet Fay
    Violet Simone
    Violet Annabell
    Violet Angelina
    Violet Anastasia

    All work imo

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    I love Violet! I picture a very pretty girl with a sweet disposition. Violet Annabelle is a gorgeous combo!

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    I love Violet, too! It is both sweet and spunky, elegant and fun. I think it's a name that would fit nearly any personality, and it grows well from infant to child to teen to adult. It is quite feminine, so if your girl was on the tomboy side of the spectrum, that might bother them a bit, but nicknames could be used in that case (Vi, for example). I think Violet Annabelle is a fantastic combo, and I think Violet would go best with a longer middle name, though I suppose that depends on your last name.

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