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Thread: Chloe vs Cleo

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    Chloe vs Cleo

    Always loved Chloe... yes, I know it's a mega star. But I loved it before it was popular.
    Anyway, was thinking about Cleo as another option.

    What do you think of Cleo?

    Another idea I had was Chloe Leora (nn Cleo if there was another Chloe in her class?)

    What are your thoughts?
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    I much prefer Chloe, but popularity is not an issue for me. If popularity really bothers you Cleo is a nice alternative. I find Chloe Leora a little sing-songy with all the repeating e and o. I would use Cleo before Chloe Leora if that makes sense.
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    I agree - I like Chloe, but if it is too popular for you, then Cleo is a nice first name option. Chloe Leora is a little bit of a mouthful for me.

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    Where I am (London), Chloe has been popular for as long as I can remember, which puts me off it. However, I think it's simply adorable and I love the sound. I recently asked for some opinions on here of names that could spawn Chloe as a nickname.

    Cleo is equally lovely but I knew a very mean spirited Clio and that's always lowered the name a little in my eyes - a personal issue, of course, and nothing that takes away from the sweet, bright nature of the name itself.

    I don't think I could be on board with Chloe Leora nn Cleo myself though. While I think anything goes regarding nicknames, even though the 'leo' is there in Leora it just sounds someone got tongue tied trying to say the first name.
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    I agree with @genevie. Chloe, where I live has been popular forever, and so my love of it has dwindled.
    I actually may be the rare person who loves Cleo. I just love how she sounds modern and yet has such a deep history and ancient roots. Plus I prefer her sound.
    Chloe Leora is a bit of an overkill to me. However, I do like Leora, I think its just for me the repeated sound is a bit much.

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