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    So who would win the baby name choice?

    DH named DS3, a name that did not work for me. I like the name, but it is so similar to our other son's name that it has caused us endless problems with everyone from medical insurance, doctors offices, and the IRS. When DS3 was 3 months old, older son had surgery. We did not realize until the insurance rejected payment, that everything was done under the baby's name! The IRS has kicked back our deductions and removed them because they thought they were the same name, despite the different ssn. I was doing taxes by hand the first couple of years and switched to computer because of it. That is what the IRS suggested doing to stop the insurance rejects. If they were closer in age, we would have more problems. But overall, I often feel embarrassed to admit their names because I think people think I picked to go so matchy on purpose. Sort of like George Foreman. Or on Newhart. "I am Larryl, this is my brother Daryll and this is my other brother Daryll."

    Anyway, dh had offered to let us change the name when things got bad, like with the surgery and all, but, I had PPD so I did not want to make any decisions. He agreed I could name the very next boy my baby name choice, which was a name he did not like.

    Soon, I was pregnant again! Yay!! But it was a girl..also a great thing! Anyway, I named her a name that my dh did not care for at the time. He loves it now though (yet, I have never loved the 3 yr old's name). Regardless, life goes on.

    Next baby..who choses? Deal was, I get to chose the next boy name. I had a girl and still got to chose.

    We are completely and totally incapable of compromise. We have named 8 children without ever compromising (but we clearly get along well enough to MAKE that many children! LOL).

    I like Liam, Luka, Finnegan, you get the idea. He hates it all but does not have a name he likes.

    For a girl, he loves Maisy. I used to like Maisy, but when I got pregnant originally, after DS3 and DD1, I had a feeling she was a girl. I actually started calling her Maisy. But then I miscarried. So, now I do not want to use it. I am very open to putting it in the middle though. It is still a nice name. I just am thinking I do not want it for a first name.

    SOOO..who gets to pick? LOL..I know...we are ridiculous people! But the good news is, this is actually our worst problem in our marriages and lives! (outside the fact that I just tried to paint a room purple and it came out looking pink so I have to redo it, but hey..that will be solved by the end of the weekend, the name thing has not been solved in all these years).

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    I think you get to compromise like adults. If he doesn't have an alternative boys' suggestion, too bad; he doesn't get to veto your names. If you don't like Maisy, how about Marnie or Daisy or Elsie or a similar-yet-different-enough name?
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    Wow, that made me tired.

    He named DS3, you named DS4 and DD5, and you have 8 children. How many has each of your named?

    What are the names of your other children, or at least, what names do you like?

    I think Liam is a fantastic name. Of your list, that's my favorite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Wow, that made me tired.

    He named DS3, you named DS4 and DD5, and you have 8 children. How many has each of your named?

    What are the names of your other children, or at least, what names do you like?
    This, exactly. Why don't you try to compromise on names instead of letting one of you choose a name the other dislikes? It can't be impossible to find a name you're both okay with. I'd love to know the names of your children.
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    I think maybe we (viewers) might need a little more information to go off of like the previous posts indicate. What kind of names DO you like, or have used, and what kind of names DOES he like?? How do you two decide on middle names?

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