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    This shocked me about Nell

    So I was looking through some baby data this morning and I noticed that there were only 32 babies named Nell last year. I looked it up because it's dh's favorite girl name. I knew it wasn't top 1000 but I had no idea that it was so rarely used. I guess it's seen as more of a nickname though it was in the top 1000 from the 1880s to the 1950s.
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    Yeah, I rarely hear Nell. Nellie, kinda more often. But it is sort of an old fashioned name, so I kind of get it.

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    It is all nickname to me, same with Nelly. I don't care for it as a first name. It makes me think of "Whoa Nelly!"
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    I have never met a Nell. I agree with the Whoa Nelly thing, but I still love Nellie. I think it is very cute. I think it is a huge plus that so very few other little kids have the name. I would say, go for it!

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    Do you think that it could have to do with the movie? (Which btw was beautiful!)
    Nell is beautiful, I always figured it could also be a great nn for Noelle.
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