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    River is mainstream as far as nature names go, so I wouldn't think of it as hippie unless her middle name was something like Sunshine or Meadow. I did notice that Elsa is the only name on your list without a nature connection.

    My issue with River is that it's really random with Eloise, Jude, and Iris. You could certainly get away with it as a middle name, but as a first name it's just confusing with your other children's names.
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    I should probably add that my husband also dislikes anything that's leans towards the hippyish so I haven't even bothered telling him about my crush on river yet but the only suggestion he ever has is Frank so what am I supposed to do!! There's still 5 weeks to work on him though
    Thanks for all your suggestions I think I'll be moving river to the boys list and adding as few new ones to the girls list
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    You're right southern maple, I do like a good nature name! I feel myself that its a bit random with our other names, I guess it ultimately depends on how much we love the name if we decide to ignore that or not!
    Arrrrgghhh does anybody else get frustrated every now and again with trying to find THE perfect name?!!
    Thanks for all your input though!

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    I think River sounds fine in your set. Except I would think River was a boy. It sounds way too masculine to be used as a girls name in your set.

    I think Pearl sounds nice with your other children's names.
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    I agree with others I would expect River to be for a boy within your sibling set as your girl's names - Eloise and Iris - are distinctly feminine names. Furthermore I'm also from the UK which I can gather from further comments you are too, I think to British ears River would already be unusual, as River hasn't had the exposure of Willow and Autumn of which aren't that popular either. I don't know any. I think your other choices would be more appropriate for your sibling set. I think Pearl, Elsa and Fleur would work excellently with Eloise, Iris and Jude. My favourite is Pearl she's so timely fresh and elegant. Going back to River you could use River as a middle name for Pearl? Pearl River has bags of attitude.

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