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    Need help for addition to odd sibset?

    My husband and I were kind of reckless naming our children and just named them what sounded good, not what went well together. For this child we want to find a name that will fit in with all the siblings. We don't know the gender yet (we prefer to not know until the birth).

    Be aware the surname starts with an 'M', ends with an 'N', and is two syllables.

    Mary-Isabel "Mary"
    Hansel Alexander
    Noelle Miranda
    Magdalena "Lena" Grace
    Callum Rory

    My husband wants to name a girl December (I do like it) (supposed birth month, due date is the 4th but if early I am NOT naming my child November) And January just sounds weird.

    /I/ thought Abigail would be okay, but I'm not sure because its a bit more common than the other names.

    For boys my husband likes Eoin, and I like Cayden.

    What do you think? I think Cayden and Callum would be too matchy.

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    It may not seem obvious, but you did develop a bit of a common style. The girls' names are more Biblical/religious (Noelle being related to Christmas) while the boy names are rather "exotic lite": distinctly tied to a particular origin. Moreover, while they come from different backgrounds, they all have an established roots/history, a more old-fashioned feel, and a clear masculine or feminine lean.

    With Mary, Hansel, Noelle, Lena, and Callum, I personally wouldn't put December up front, but in the middle. In contrast to the other kids' names, December feels modern and unisex to me. It would be pretty in the middle, though. Alternatively, a winter-related name might suit. I think Eira ("snow") would be pretty up front, while Snow, Winter, Nieves, or Lumi make nice wintry middles.

    Abigail is more common, but I think it would fit better since it shares the history and clear gender delineation. Abigail Winter would be pretty! You might also like similarly Biblical or old-fashioned options like Lydia, Delilah, Keziah, Ada, Leah, Eve, Rebecca, Rachel, or Eliza, Anna, Alice, or Amelia.

    I do think Cayden and Callum are matchy, and that Cayden feels very trendy (in line with Aidan, Hayden, Zayden, Kayden, Brayden, Leighton, etc) next to the rest of the siblings' more grounded names. While I think you have the point over your husband's pick for girls, I think Eoin would work better here. It ties nicely to Callum's Irish background and has deep roots. Owen, Ewan, or Evan might be easier-to-spell alternatives, if that's a concern. Perhaps Finn, Ronan, Rowan, Willem, Leif, Cormac, Seamus, Laszlo, Brennan, Garrett, Brady, Shea, Breccan, or Rory might suit as well.

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