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    Your kids names are great. I think I like helping find names that "go together" because it gives you someplace to start, you know? Like a guidepost or something but with 5 kids already named you couldn't have a brighter shinning guidepost to what you guys might like.

    I think December would be fun, but I'd use it as a mn. Mostly because I'd find it odd to have a child named after the month they are born in. A little too on the nose for me and you already have a Noelle and a Mary somehow I just can't get Christmas out of my head.
    (Magdalena Grace doesn't help much with it's strong biblical associations for me.)

    I really like Abigail but can understand your concern about it being more popular now (#7 in the US in 2011). I also like pp's suggestion of Ivy.
    How about Laurel, Natalia/Natalie, Theodora, Lucia, Helene, Joy, or Paloma? (Lucia December or Helene Paloma - which has 12 letters for the 12th month - are two combos I like.)

    I'm with your husband on Eoin, it's just one of those names I adore and I do find Cayden too close to Callum. You could consider the more Anglican version Owen instead of Eoin. Eoin/Owen Cayden and Callum Rory would work for me and you'd both get the name you like. (I prefer Owen Cayden visually to Eoin Cayden).
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