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    What can Annie be short for? Throw me your suggestions!


    Expecting mystery gender baby in June, wanting to head to the hospital with a short list of both boys and girls names. Got a great list of boys names, struggling majorly with girls options! Love Annie, but would really like a longer version, with Annie as a nickname. Loved Anais for a while, but it's not quite hitting the spot, plus a little concerned about pronunciation here in Australia. Not opposed to a little different, but wanting to steer away from ultra weird. Also not keen on super popular names like Annabelle. Will be a younger sibling to big bro Lior, so something that matches would be great, but for the right name I'm not going to get too hung up on the perfect sibset.

    Thank you, oh wise berries

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    sunshine kid Guest

    Hope that helped :]
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    renrose Guest
    Anwen, Arianna, Anita, Andrea, Andromeda, Anneliese, Morganna/Morgana, Alannah or Arianwen?

    Basically anything with an 'an' sound.
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    Annika might work or you.

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