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    Spoilers all:

    1. That would be a fun change. I think one of the best companions was Jamie, who was from medieval Scotland, I believe, and male. It could be fun to have an ensemble again soon.
    2. Agree, though the first Oswin's banter was what I liked about her. She could keep up with and somewhat outmatch him verbally.
    3. Also would be nice...especially now since I'm assuming River is still with us? (I think the TARDIS, who is rather fond of her, is the only one who remembers this, hence the attitude, lol.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by shellezbellez View Post
    1. That would be a fun change. I think one of the best companions was Jamie, who was from medieval Scotland, I believe, and male. It could be fun to have an ensemble again soon.
    Yes, my friend told me about him and how he (highlight for text):

    ...was taken by the Doctor on the eve of a battle and always knew he would have to return to fight in it. I've never seen any of the episodes but already - even just from knowing that much - I managed to experience more feels for Jamie than I ever have for Clara.
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    it is so good to see so many DW fans. I agree I prefer Victorian Clara, but I still am liking modern Clara and hope she gets a little more depth. The only thing I am tired of at this point is Moffat. I think him trying to make everything such a big deal all the time is getting old.

    okay back on topic. I think Oswald is better, but again for a boy.
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    I like it actually. Very fresh sounding, with surnames being used increasingly as first names. Definitely more feminine than Madison or similar names, IMO
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    I adore the name Oswin, to be honest. If I were pregnant with a girl right now I would, truly and seriously, consider it for her.

    There are a few things that hold me back about the name: One is whether the name is going to become popular because of Doctor Who; I don't think it will, but Doctor Who is becoming more popular and widely-known (a few years ago I could've said "Doctor Who" to a random stranger and could almost guarantee they would have no idea what I was talking about; these days there's actually a good chance they know what it is even if they don't watch it). I'd hate to think I was giving my child a name that was special to me and unique and have her end up Oswin W. at school or something (again, not likely but it could happen). I also worry about people hearing the name and judging me for it before they get to know me...but if they heard my kids' name and assumed I was a huge fangirl....they would be correct. So I guess I can't really complain.

    As far as it being a boy name or sounding like a do like 35-40% of names on Nameberry that are currently being used on girls. You can name a girl any name on this website and you'll find people who love it and people who hate it and people who couldn't care less. As long as the name is something you and your partner both love, I say go for it.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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