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    Please don't. Oswin isn't an attractive name.

    Use Clara instead.

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    I think the Mary Sue bit is lulling us into a false sense of security. Something is up with this one. Something sketchy. I don't think she's like Amy, though. I think she's pretty timid in comparison to Amy, and really in comparison to any of the others.

    Also, I think Oswin is going to be pretty tied to the character, but not everyone is into Doctor Who, so there is that.
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    It's not a very pretty name. When I see it all I can see is O'swine. It makes me think of pigs and muck and it's just not a pretty picture.

    I don't have the Doctor Who association.

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    I wouldn't use it as a name at all... but it seems more masculine than feminine (I'm a Doctor Who fan, but trying to put in perspective of someone who isn't)

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    I don't know the Dr. Who reference but Oswin doesn't strike me as an attractive name. It also sounds more masculine than feminine.
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