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    Masculine? Only a little. But I don't think I will use it for girls either.
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    It's barely unisex to me. I could see it on a little boy but would prefer it on a girl. Honestly though, I'd probably just be thrilled to see it used.

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    I think the nicknames are unfortunate. Cym? Cymbel? Cymmie? Bell is a stretch. It's clunky for a man or a woman, to me.
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    I think it sounds like a really strange name. Makes me think of cymbals. Crash!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    Cymbeline? Masculine? Not even a little, IMO.

    Yes, I know, the character is male, but how many people are really going to care? I think it makes a much better name for a girl, personally. If I was a boy, I'd hate to be named Cymbeline.
    I completely agree. It makes a much better girl name.
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