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    The only one I like it Elijah Ryan, sorry.

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    1. Peter Ezekiel ---Ezekiel is one of my favorites, right up there with Elijah. Peter is a name I did not like when younger, but am more and liking now days. I really like the nn Pete.
    2. Hadrian Jude I do not care fr this at all. Either name.
    3. Felix Isaiah I like Felix. Isiah has never been a favorite for me, but the combo sounds good together.
    4. Elijah Ryan LOVE this name!!
    5. Sean Avery Another I do not care for, either name. Sean has never been a like for me and I think Avery sounds better on a girl.

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    1. Peter Ezekiel - Love Peter, prefer Ezra to Ezekiel
    2. Hadrian Jude - Dislike Hadrian. It sounds like someone saying Adrian while coughing. Like Jude.
    3. Felix Isaiah - Love Felix, Isaiah is ok.
    4. Elijah Ryan - Elijah is fine, Ryan is overused.
    5. Sean Avery - Really like Sean, but I know too many girl Avery's for me to consider it a good boys name.

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    1. Peter Ezekiel- Nice combo of underused classic first name/spunkier middle name.
    2. Hadrian Jude- I really liked this until I saw the "Hey Adrian" comment. Now that's all I think of!
    3. Felix Isaiah - It's perfectly fine, but I like Peter and Elijah more.
    4. Elijah Ryan - With the nn Eli, it'd be my favorite.
    5. Sean Avery- My first thought is the hockey player.

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    1. Peter Ezekiel-I think that I would like to meet a little Peter, even though it isn't my style, it would be very fresh to see on a little boy! Ezekiel is very handsome, my dad (whose name is Peter, lol) likes to sometimes suggest names for me to use(closet name nerd?), and he suggested Ezekiel once, then said "You could call him Zeke for short", because of that memory, I like this name.
    2. Hadrian Jude- I like Adrian more, but Hadiran is cute. I adore the name Jude!
    3. Felix Isaiah- Felix is absolutely adorable! And I love the meaning! Isaiah isn't my style
    4. Elijah Ryan- I don't love the flow of the one, the strong EYE sound throws it off
    5. Sean Avery- Very cute! Love both names!
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