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    Love Sean Avery! I think that it has the best sound and flow out of all the combinations you listed.

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    Felix Isaiah is my favourite.
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    Peter Ezekiel : I love the fn Peter! I think that it's a little 'e' heavy paired with Ezekiel though. It's not really a big deal though.

    Hadrian Jude: I rarely see Hadrian, even on here, and honestly, to me, it sounds like someone is quickly saying "hey adrian!" I really like Jude though

    Elijah Ryan: ehh a little "i" sound heavy... E-LIE RYE..

    Sean Avery: I really like these two together, even though I never cared much for the name Sean!

    Felix Isaiah: hmm..I for some reason never particually was drawn to Felix...but I love how you combined it with Isaiah

    I think they are all good names overall..there are some hard sounds that throw me off a bit, but maybe I just pay too much attention lol My particular favorites are Sean Avery and Felix Isaiah!
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    I love Sean Avery.

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    Just a note = Sean Avery is a fine name. But it also is the name of a well known, somewhat controversial,mostly disliked (loveto hate?)hockey player.=)

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