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    Ella by a mile. I'd come up with a longer first name though and call her Ella. I'm not a fan of Violet, though I know most here love it.

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    I prefer the sound of Ella but it's popularity puts me off a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    Violet! Hands down, one hundred percent! Ella is boring and overdone.
    This exactly.

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    Violet. At my daughter's school, there are a lot of Ellas - Elizabeths, Gabriellas, ... all of whom have the nickname Ella, as well as a few girls who are simply Ella (not a nickname). While Violet may be a nameberry favorite, I have yet to meet one!

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    I would much rather be called Violet I meet so many girls named Ella and only
    one Violet.

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