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    Siblings with different surnames.

    Okay, first of all, I do not have my husband's last name. Rowan has his last name. I'm starting to get frustrated that so many of my name choices don't fit with his surname. I'm not going to straight up say it, but I'll let you guess (Starts with Em-, ends in -son ) It completely takes away the ability to use names like Emrys, Dawson, and Amory. So, I guess my question is, would it be weird to give the next child my surname? Would siblings having different last names be totally wrong? Your thoughts?
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    I don't think it would be an issue at all if it didn't bother you or your family. Your kids will probably get asked if (or have it assumed that) they are half siblings or step-siblings, but I doubt it would cause any real problems. Especially in this day and age where there are a lot of blended families and plenty of kids have mom's surname, or mom doesn't share the same surname, etc.
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    Different names, hyphens, whatever works for your family!

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    If it's ok with you and your husband go for it! I grew up with my older brother (half brother technically) having my mom's maiden name while my sister and I have our dad's name and we never questioned it or had any issues. People would sometimes assume one of us had the other's last name or not realize that we were related but once you tell them once everyone just lets it go.

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    I wouldn't. If your older child has the same surname as your husband and your second child has your surname, what people will assume is that your first child is your husband's child from a previous relationship and that your second child is your child from a previous relationship (or that you have two baby daddies). I've worked in schools for several years and whenever I've run across siblings with different surnames, they've always been step or half siblings, never full.

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