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    I loove labs and shepherds. Right now, my top female choice is Tess or Tessa. For a male, I would pick either Malachy or Rheneas.

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    I love Welsh corgis too! Cutest dogs ever! I used to have a corgi named Buster (I was 6 when I named him, so...), gut he passed away a few years ago. I still miss him.

    My husband really likes Bassett hounds and English bull dogs. If we ever get a male Bassett, I want to name him Howey. It just sounds like a hound dog name to me. If we got a female corgi, I would name her Winnie. I'm not sure about others yet, but I'd probably give them nickname-y names I like that I know I wouldn't use for a child (like I love Maggie, but I'm not in love with any of the longer forms, so I wouldn't use it for a kid.) I love giving animals human names, but they have to be a little too silly or cutesy.

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    I love mutts! Especially big goofy ones like mine! My dog is named Pistol so that's my favorite dog name. I like word names on dogs...especially food names. One of my favorite dogs is named Bacon...who doesn't love bacon? And on a Frenchie it's even better! My sister's dog is named Suki, which I think is pretty great as far as people names on dogs. I think that playful is best when naming a dog. I always feel odd calling a dog Gretchen or James! Though it can be funny to give a goofy dog a posh & proper name. I did know a dog named Klaus and it was pretty perfect on him!

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    My family has a labradoodle named Baxter who I love to death. I've always wanted a yorkie named Linus! Which is funny because I usually like bigger dogs. My other favorites are Stanley, Toby, Tucker, Pudge, Oliver, Duke, Finnegan, Madge, and Poppy. Lacking on the girls!
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    I don't really have any favourite names. The dogs we have had, were named once we had met them, so it was whatever we thought would suit the individual dog. We had a male Golden Retriever when I was younger that we named Whiskey. Then we had a Bernese Mountain Dog, again male, who we called Caesar (After Julius Caesar), because of the way he carried him self, he was very 'head-held-high' when he walked around even as a puppy, like he ruled the roost. Both were beautiful large dogs and remain two of my favourite breeds. I love both large - Leonbergers, Irish Red Setters, Rottweilers - and small - Dachshunds, Yorkies, Cairn Terriers - dogs, as well as Australian Shepherd's (The in-between-er in size xD).
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