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    I don't have a big list of dog names I love, but I like Lemon, Greta, Diesel, Snow, and Hansel. I secretly want to name my next two dogs Ripper and Zodiac because I'm fascinated by serial killers, but I don't know if that's too creepy.

    I currently have two dogs named Miley and Bruce. I named Miley when I was 11 and a fan of, you guessed it, Miley Cyrus. We call her Miles, Milo, Smiley Miley, and Mile too. I named Bruce simply because I felt the name fit him. We call him Brucey and Roo Roo sometimes.
    He was from a litter of Miley's puppies, we adopted the others out, but while we had them I called them Precious, Izzy, Sam, Rosie, Grover, and Heifer "Heif."

    Miley is an Australian Cattle Dog/Chow Chow and Bruce is an Australian Cattle Dog/Chow Chow/Labrador. I much prefer mutts, but my favorite breeds are Australian Cattle Dogs, Alaskan Malamutes, Rottweilers, and Pomeranians.

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