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    Carys Aislinn is lovely!

    By the way I know an Aislynn who pronounces it Aze or Ace-lynn.
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    I agree with the others about the spelling of Aislinn. If you want to pronounce it eyes-lynn, then I would spell it Islin or Islyn or some other way. Spelling it Aislinn will make people automatically pronounce it Ash-lyn or Ash-leen and your daughter to constantly correct them.

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    Thank you for your honest feedback. We decided on Carys Islyn.

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    I would pronounce Islyn with a silent s, as in island or Isla. "Eye-lyn" would be my first guess.

    If you want the eyes-lynn pronunciation, none of the more obvious spellings look that good to me (Aizlynn, Izlyn). Icelynn is too icy (and looks like a knockoff of Iceland).

    Are you sure you want that sound, 'eyes-lynn?'

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    This whole idea of using an Irish Gaelic name (original spelling Aisling) and changing the pro. too eyes lynn is just strange. I also think changing the pronunciation of a well known Irish name will create confusion in the future. To be honest you can't use an Irish name and change the pronunciation it's like using the name Victoria and pronouncing her as lit tor uh because you dislike the pronunciation of Victoria. Just odd and almost disrespectful to the actual name. If you dislike pronunciation of the name then don't use the name. However despite my negativity Carys is a great choice.

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