View Poll Results: Which spelling do you prefer? (pronunciation is may-nah)(look below for details)

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  • Mayna

    53 60.92%
  • Meina

    13 14.94%
  • Maynah

    4 4.60%
  • Maena

    15 17.24%
  • Meyna

    2 2.30%
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    We've confirmed... Mayna will be the spelling.
    However, after a couple of months being sure Hazel Rose would be the double middle name, we've suddenly and unexpectedly changed our mind. We're thinking we'll go with Rosalie (Rose and Lee both being important family names) in the middle instead I think.

    Do you prefer
    Mayna Hazel Rose Luckie
    Mayna Rosalie Luckie
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    I like Mayna Rosalie the best. When I say Mayna Hazel Rose Luckie I draw the two middles together and it sounds like hazelrose. Which is pretty, but I prefer Rosalie. And I'm glad you chose Mayna, I only saw this thread right now. Beautiful name.
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    Mayna Rosalie. I like the 2-3-2 flow of this with your surname. Mayna Hazel Rose Luckie seems a little choppy (but still beautiful).
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    I like both. A LOT.
    I think I'd go with Mayna Hazel Rose Luckie because you choose those mn's months ago and you still like them.
    If you are in a 1 mn camp than Rosalie is more stream lined but I like 2 mn's. and Hazel Rose is more unique/individual.
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    I voted for Maena, but I do love Mayna Rosalie. I dont mind 2 middle names, but Mayna Hazel Rose Luckie sounds too choppy to me.
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