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  • Mayna

    53 60.92%
  • Meina

    13 14.94%
  • Maynah

    4 4.60%
  • Maena

    15 17.24%
  • Meyna

    2 2.30%
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    javad Guest

    The Name is Decided, but the Details could Shift

    Edit: I think we've decided to go with Mayna. However, after making this post, and after a couple of months thinking Hazel Rose (both are family related names) was going to be the double middle name, we've had a possible change of heart to... Rosalie (Rose and Lee are both family related names).

    Do you prefer
    Mayna Hazel Rose Luckie
    Mayna Rosalie Luckie

    We've, without a doubt, chosen our girls name (did quite a while ago actually) if the baby is a girl. However, we could be convinced to change the spelling. The name is actually a Chinese name (among other languages) that combines two characters, one that symbolizes my cultural background (美) and one that symbolizes my wife's (纳), but as Chinese is a character based written language (no alphabet), I feel we can choose our spelling as we see fit.

    Which of these do you prefer? (read 'some useful info' below to know when any of these spellings could work)
    (The pronunciation is may-nah)(We'll be using two middle names, Hazel and Rose, to honor two people--- our last name is (almost) Luckie)

    ________ Hazel Rose Luckie


    Some useful info:

    Mayna seems to be the most common spelling in various uses (it's the name of several villages in Russia, a flowering plant in Columbia, an extinct language from Peru, a village in India), and is the most common spelling as a name as well. A famous American portrait painter from the early 20th century uses this spelling (Mayna Treanor Avent).

    Meina would be the 'pinyin' (the common system of transcription to 'spell out' Chinese characters) spelling of the Chinese characters (but 'pinyin' isn't a real language or anything, so perhaps this doesn't matter too much). It's also the name of a town in Italy. According to one or two places, Meina is also related to German/Dutch root meaning 'strength' (but this might not be true).

    Maynah would probably be the best representation of how the name is actually pronounced in Chinese. A famous British author uses this spelling (Maynah Lewis).

    Maena is also related to a Greek name meaning 'moon' (according to one or two places-- I'm not sure if this is for sure though)

    Meyna is the name of a genus of flowering plant that grows in tropical areas of Africa and Asia. It also may be related to a Dutch/German origin meaning 'strength'.
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    I voted for Mayna. I feel as though it is the most straightforward. Mayna Hazel Rose is lovely.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I voted for Meina because of your reasoning and I think it looks most elegant.
    Meyna would be my second choice!

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    Mayna - this one is the most intuitive - most people would tend to pronounce this "correctly"
    Meina - Will likely be mispronounced as Mee-nah or Meye-nah
    Maynah - For some reason the H at the end makes me think of mynah, like the bird
    Maena - likely to be mispronounced BUT looks so pretty! I love this spelling but it may not be practical
    Meyna - 2nd most intuitive but I still prefer Maena or Mayna

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    I picked Meana, but I also like Meina.
    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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