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    I knew a lot of people who go by their middle names! And I didn't even realize it til years later! It's doable!

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    I go by my middle name and it SUCKS. I HATE it. I'd urge you not to do it. It's such a pain I have considered legally changing my first name to my middle, and I probably will now that I'm married.
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    I think it causes more issues for the child if it's not the child's choice... For one teachers will see his first name and he'll have to correct them. On a lot of documents, the middle name needed is just an initial. In their younger years, they might be confused as to why everyone else goes by their first name, but they go by their middle.

    That being said, my grandpa goes by his middle, but it's HIS choice. He HATES his first name and so on everything he signs "D. Gene _____" I always thought his first name was Gene until my dad told me the story and he hated his first name so much, when naming his first son, he used Ronald instead of Donald. So that's how my Uncle Ron got his name.

    Thus, I think it's perfectly acceptable if the child chooses to, but otherwise I'd say go with Jonas Scott, it's not like you'll be saying the combination that often so the flow doesn't really matter....

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    Jonas Scott really isn't that bad. When you speak clearly and put enough emphasis on the ending "s" in Jonas, then there's not a problem. If you always intend to call the child Jonas, then just put Jonas in the first name place. It makes things a lot simpler, and he will hardly ever be known as Jonas Scott to anyone anyway.

    My brother has always gone by his middle name in the family, but he goes by a mixture of middle and first in the community. It makes things quite confusing, and I'm sure he would have preferred to have his middle name as his first.

    I also prefer Jonas Scott with Samuel Douglas.

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    I think it's fairly common for people to go by their mn and I know I usually suggest a more wild or tame mn to balance out a tamer/wilder fn (respectively) should your child decide one is more their style in the future.
    I went to school with a kid who had the same fn as both of his brothers and his father, all four went by their mn's. And, really it's not that hard to say "I go by mn".
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