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    Favorite girls names and opinions on Audrina!?

    So pretty much, this is two teenagers in high school looking for favorite girls names as well as opinions on Audrina Tell us what you think and what your personal favorites are?!

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    Audrina is very tied to The Hills. That's the association I have with it. If you want a similar sounding name I would go with Audrey. Shakespeare connection and less reality TV. My own favorites are in my signature. My latest crushes are Cecilia and Lucia.
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    Audrina is really pretty but I personally prefer Audrey. My favorite names Anastasia, Annabeth, Cecilia, Katarina, Elena, Rosalie, Vera, Irina, Violet, and Charlotte.
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    Audrina sounds pretty. I'd probably prefer Audrey and Audra over it though.

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    Audrina sounds much like adrenal (uh-DREE-nuhl) glands (those that release adrenaline), so I am not really a fan. Some of my favorite girl names are long, dramatic ones with cute nicknames like Cordelia (Cora), Penelope (Poppy, Nellie), Eloise (Lola, Elle), Felicity (Flicka, Lissie), and Matilda (Millie, Tilly).
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