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    Question I can FINALLY ask about names!!! (preggo!)

    I have been creeping on this site for probably about 1 year!

    My husband and I had a lot of difficulty conceiveing and had to resort to fertility drugs to help! WELL I am finally pregnant with TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are soooooo happy and just can't wait to meet them! I am going to an ultrasound (again) next week to check the sexes... we went a few weeks ago but BOTH babes were very uncooperative!!!!! For some reason I think it is 2 girls!! ( i posted in the boys forum just in case im wrong!)

    I HATE rhymy names and alliteration names ie. Tessa and Trina etc.

    I hate to admit it but I love trendy names like Lyric, Kinsey, Addison but my husaband like boring old traditional names like Emma, Emily and
    Olivia etc.

    Can you help us find some middle ground? Something uncommon yet traditional?
    Middle names will be chosen by US and are not up for negotiation!

    Thanks so much!!! Our last anme begins with S... so maybe avoid S names!

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