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    Boys name, sibling to Edward and Oliver

    I am currently expecting a baby due in October. We have a 21 month old son Edward "Teddy" Thaddeus and a son Oliver who was stillborn. If this baby is a girl we will be calling her Adelaide Gisele with the nicknames Daisy and Della.

    We are having a hard time settling on a boys name. It is important to us that the name is fairly straightforward to pronounce and spell as we have a hyphenated hard to spell last name. It is also important for me that the name have some charming nickname options. We like classic names and appreciate literary, saintly and biblical connections.

    My current favourites are:
    Arthur (my husband doesn't like) nn Art, Arty, Thor
    Sebastian (we both like but are really hesitant because of lack of nicknames) the only nns we can think of are Seb and Baz neither of which appeal a lot and they are certainly not in the same vein as Teddy and Daisy
    Henry- (a family name but my husband doesn't like it at all) nn Hank

    My husband's top picks are:
    Bennet(t) - I like it (as a Pride and Prejudice fan) but sounds too surname trendy to me and the spelling isn't obvious. As well we have a cat named Benoit which is just another version of the same name.
    Alexander - too common for my liking though OK
    Milos - sounds silly with our last name, not consistent with other kids names

    Other names we have on our list are:

    I feel like the right name must be out there yet to be discovered. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    What about Augustus nn Gus? It's really adorable. I actually have Augustus Henry on my list right now.

    Other suggestions:
    Archer nn Archie
    Finnick nn Finn
    Benjamin nn Ben or Benny
    Jacob nn Jake (really popular though)
    Samuel nn Sam or Sammy
    Nathan nn Nate
    Zachary nn Zack
    Abraham nn Abe
    Vincent nn Vinny

    Like any?

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