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  • Nate

    14 24.56%
  • Nash

    9 15.79%
  • Iggy

    28 49.12%
  • Izzy

    6 10.53%
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    I LOVE Izzy for a boy! I think it's simply adorable but really handsome and charming at the same time. I feel like it would work really well on an outgoing, sporty kind of boy, but also on a more reserved boy as well. And I don't think it sounds feminine. I can see it being used as a nick name for Isabella, but I've always found it to be much more suiting on boys. If it's YOUR favourite nick name, don't let other people's opinions change your mind! For those who think it's too feminine, if you were to call your son Izzy, they'd get so used to knowing him as Izzy that they'd begin to find it to be masculine as well.

    My second choice would be Nash probably. I really like this name as it is just so unique and fun. However, I think it's a bit of a strecth from Nash, and probably the least natural of the bunch [unforunately, as it's awesome].

    My third choice would most likely be Iggy. It's definitely a natural nick name from Ignatius, but I also think it sounds quite childish and "pet-like". I've known a friend's pet iguana named Iggy and a hermit crab named Iggy, so I can't really picture it on a human, myself.

    Lastly, I'd choose Nate. While I do like the nick name Nate, I agree with you about the whole Nathan thing. If you're going the distance to name your son Ignatius, calling him Nate seems like a waste of an awesome name.

    Good luck!
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    I'm not a big fan of nicknames, and so I didn't vote for Iggy because it's the one I like best. I just think that if you are going to name him Ignatius, Iggy is the obvious nickname. If you want a Nate, you go for Nathan or Nathanial. But you love Ignatius, so might as well embrace that in his nickname too, and Iggy does that.

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