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    FN to go with the MN Ora?

    Hi all, still name-gaming over here. Ora is a very dear family name that I always promised myself I would give to my daughter, but I have gotten feedback that people don't like it as a first name--sounds too much like Oral, too short, not feminine enough, etc. I've always loved it as my own middle name, and wonder what first names you think sound good with Ora as a middle name? And, just in case you were wondering, I really do have my heart set on Ora, and not any related names like Aurora or Aurelia, or Nora or Cora or Dora, et al. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks!

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    Something ending in -a wouldn't be ideal.

    Penelope Ora
    Miriam Ora
    Lillian Ora
    Molly Ora
    Arielle Ora
    Isabel Ora
    Naomi Ora
    Everly Ora
    Verity Ora
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    Thanks! These are awesome!

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