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    Socials - BNG CAF

    You, (you choose name, husband's surname), and your husband, (initials NA, you choose surname), are quite social people. You have three kids, two boys and a girl. Your eldest son is 10, your second son is 7, and your daughter is 4. What are their names?
    They all must have either their first or middle name start with the same letter as eachother (e.g. Joey Mike, Jonny Bill, and Jessie Lou or Mikey Joe, Billy Jon, and Louy Jess)

    You like to get together with friends, usually ones with kids to keep your kids busy! Your two "go-to" families to hang out with are the Clark's and the Donahue's.


    LN: Clark

    DH: (initials CD)
    DW: (initials VS)

    DD: first name is a nature or season name, middle name is after mother {13}
    DS: first name is a trendy boy's name, middle name is after father {11}
    DD: first name is a place name, middle name is classic {6}
    DD: first name is a princess name, middle names is your choice {2}


    LN: Donahue

    DH: (initials LG)
    DW: (initials JM)

    DS: initials JM {15}
    DD: initials LG {13}
    DD: classic first name, virtue middle name {11}
    DS/DS: first names from this list: middle names are classic {8}
    DD: first name is a word name, middle name is a flower {6}
    DS/DD: place name first names, middle names ending in the same sound as eachother's {4}


    The Clark's live right across the street from you and the Donahue's are only a 2 minute drive away. There's a family across town, the Woods, that love to hang out with your family. They have to drive fourty-five minutes to see you, but it's worth it sometimes, your kids love them!


    LN: Woods

    DH: (name of your favorite actor) NOTE: google to find middle name. if you can't find it, make one up
    DW: (name of your favorite actress) NOTE: google to find middle name. if you can't find it, make one up

    DS: {12}
    DS: {10}
    DD/DD: {6}
    DS: {3}

    Namebank for kids' first names:
    Namebank for kids' middle names:


    Your sister-in-law and her family like to hang out with your family and so do your siblings and their families. You like that your kids get to hang out with their cousins.


    LN: (same as yours)

    DH: Geoffrey (you choose mn)
    DW: (nice sibset with your husband's name)

    DD: {11}
    DD: {9}
    DS: {7}
    DD: {5}

    LN: (your maiden name, you choose)

    DH: (nice sibset with your name)
    DW: (virtue first name, you choose middle)

    DD: (named after her mom) {7}
    DD: (named after you) {5}


    LN: Stone

    DH: (average, normal name that isn't out of the box or rare)
    DW: (nice sibset with your and your brother's name)

    DD: {9}
    DS: {6}
    DS: {5}
    DD: {3}
    DD: {1}

    Girls' names:
    Boys' names:


    LN: Little

    DH: (initials CS)
    DW: (nice sibset with you, your brother, and your sister)

    DD: FN: Leighton, Holland, Piper, Olive, Brynn; MN: Anna, Jane, Stella, Eden, Ruth {4}
    DS: FN: Titus, Tolliver, Tyson, Trenton, Teal; MN: Laken, Chandler, Fletcher, Isaiah, Asher {2}

    Feel free to add any extra information about the families, eg pets, nicknames, pictures, etc...

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