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    Yes I like the simplicity of groom-look 1 too.. though those braided leather suspenders are pretty nice. It's easy to get overly fussy with man-accessories. If I were a boy I'd be sporting cufflinks, bowties, carnations in my lapel daily, every little decorative element under the sun... My husband wears the same boring thing every day (literally.) I had to explain to him that I wanted us to dress up for each other on our wedding day, to arrive at the "altar" like beautifully-wrapped presents for each other. That helped him understand.. otherwise he might've shown up in a pair of Carharts. The only person among his groomsmen who knew how to tie a bowtie is a professional clown, and it took them quite a while to figure it out. Make sure he practices before the wedding, unless he's normally a natty dresser!
    I like this brown and navy idea Otter... I imagine you in beautiful brown bunny colors- butterscotch dress and the bunny-ear-pink flowers. And boyfriend in navy with snappy brown shoes and soft palest pink boutonnière. Sigh!
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    PS Otter just shut up about your size Miss Twig! Besides, you need to have some bounce to pull off the flounce!

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    Emma, it's the babybelly... not the rest of me. It's ok though, I'm handling it. And I'll shut up about it.

    I like the first one best too. My boyfriend is quite stylish, he likes colours, bowties, funky socks and pointy shoes. His day to day look is ripped jeans and washed out t-shirts though. But he likes dressing up. I think it's a Brit thing maybe, most of us spend 14-15 years in school uniforms so when we get out we want to have fun with clothes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I think it's a Brit thing maybe, most of us spend 14-15 years in school uniforms so when we get out we want to have fun with clothes.
    Haha, yes! Freedom from ties and shirts and blazers!

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    So we have chosen a venue, picked a photographer (same lovely woman that did our engagement photos!) and I am using the same Make-up artist as I did for our engagement photos also! Trying to figure out ceremony and reception music right now! Things are going quite well! Updates ladies?

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