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    I'm seconding offbeatbride, they've got some pretty amazing stuff and tips over there. I don't know what your budget is, but there are plenty of ways to be creative and save money. Use your family and friends for all they're worth, they can bake, cook, help with decorations, be DJ's, and on and on. A friend of my brother who got married last summer had their reception in the backyard of their building. They were both students, and living in a tiny flat and only had three chairs, so they asked all their friends and family to bring their own chairs. All the tableware and glasses were borrowed from different people as well, so it was completely random. Be creative!
    My budget is to spend as little as possible! I have a few thousand saved so far but due to become a student in September so unlikely I'll be able to save much more. I love the sound of that reception so may steal their idea (:

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