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    Wow, I love this thread! Warmfuzzies in mah heart! The joy in the pictures is so beautiful, love it. And, it is neat to see the different styles and personalities, very inspiring.

    My husband and I got married on Halloween, Hallowedding, if you will ; ). It isn't that we are so obsessed with Halloween (though we do love it!!) as it just happened to be a convenient time for our loved ones as well as the venue was available. We didn't have much of a theme/colors but we married at a a tiny, old church that is actually a museum, all on a mountaintop. We decorated with tons of little votive candles, pumpkins and gourds -some hollowed out to make lanterns, succulents, terrariums, the odd gnome here and there, old globes, branches, peacock feathers and on and on. None of it should have necessarily gone together but it was what we liked and it somehow worked. There were some catastrophes (my wedding dress failed to arrive so my lovely mother in law helped me find something 2 weeks before the wedding eep! as well as wedding planner troubles) but there were also some amazing things (my husband's bff who was deployed used his leave to come back for our wedding!!! best surprise ever! The awesome bff and I plotted together and were able to surprise my husband pretty epically, it was the best). Here are some pictures of our day!

    I didn't care about matching dresses at all, so I just asked my bridesmaids to wear something that made them feel beautiful. They were/are stunning! For their privacy, I put little hearts over their lovely faces.

    Oops, out of room for pics! I'll post a few more in a minute.
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    Cupcakes! We served cupcakes, pies, and candy for our desserts. Nom nom nom. Food was our biggest splurge, the dinner was delicious!

    It was such a pretty day, we were lucky the weather was nice after a bit of rain earlier in the week!

    Just after we said "I do", I took off my long veil and put on a little sweater and my beloved and I enjoyed our first moments as husband and wife.

    Sparklers and fancy car farewell

    All in all, it was a very special day and I feel so lucky that we got to share it with so many loved ones! -And, I'm so grateful for all of the help we got from friends and family, with planning, set up, and so much more.
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    I LOVE weddings and imagine my own whenever I'm not thinking about names. (Which I obviously talk about to my SO from time to time. )

    My dream wedding is early to mid winter (my favorite season). It would be a small rustic/vintage-y type wedding, with only close family as friends invited. I imagine my wedding dress being a delicate, flowey tulle gown with lace. And since my sense of fashion is more in the "hippie/hipster" catagories, my hair would be have loose wavy with a flower, most likely Baby's Breath flowers, hairband.
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    We had ours outside overlooking the California coast with a reception on the same property in an open air dining room. Here is a miss-mass ramble description of some of the things we did.

    I don't have all the best pictures on my computer but I have uploaded some of what I have to an album here.

    We did most of the work with the help of family.

    One aunt helped pick the flowers and made the bouquets. There were corsages for everyone of honor in attendance at the wedding (parents, grandparents, and aunts/ uncles who were involved in walking people down the aisle or had other important tasks at the wedding). I didn't walk in with a bouquet, but gathered it from important friends as I walked through the guests to the front of the ceremony. I didn't have bridesmaids so this was a nice way to honor my special girlfriends. My mom tied the bouquet with a ribbon once I'd made it to the front.

    Another aunt is a professional baker so you can guess her job. Here is a link to her website (in case anyone lives in the SF Bay Area)

    My mom and another aunt made the table runners in a special silk from a favorite store in the town my dad grew up in. We had orchids in copper pots as the centerpieces and all the pots were collected from the years my mom's family lived in Iran as children. We put photos of every guest on the tables that they were sitting at in handmade photo holders. (I and yet another aunt spent hours photoshopping them in preparation!). Our photographer had fun talking pictures of people with their photos.

    The place cards doubled as favors and were luggage tags in brushed metal in one of our colors.

    We made a book of pictures to have by the entry that had pictures of my husband and I growing up. Each page had a pair of photos, one of each of us doing something similar. For example, there is one of him at about 4 skiing in Tahoe, and one of me at a similar age, decked out in a tutu and skis in my living room. We also put pictures of all the guests in the book so we would have a visual reminder of everyone who came. We did a guestbook as well, but we wanted it to be something that wouldn't just take up space on a shelf so we bought a lovely wall map from National Geographic and some nice scrap-booking pens and put in near the entryway for everyone to sign/ write a message on/ etc... We have in framed and it will be on our wall (when we decide which continent we are making our permanent home).

    My husband is a comic nerd (as are his best guy friends) so he picked out some of his favorite issues and he and his best friends took pictures with them.

    One of our dearest friends had a very good excuse for not being able to make it so we brought a framed photo of her and took a picture with it.

    My Swedish family arrived with crazy Swedish wedding games which were memorable for all. In the album I linked to I have pictures of the most memorable game, but basically my husband, my dad, my father in law, and one of my husband's friends rolled up their pant legs to expose their calf and stood with one led up on a chair in the middle of the room. I was blindfolded and led by my brother to feel each calf and guess which one was my husband. Mortifying? Yes a bit, but in the end actually a lot of fun. (Oh yeah, and I got it right!)

    I'm sure there were more things that would be fun to share, but that's all I can come up with right now...
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    My husband and I eloped (at my mother's suggestion, I should add!) and it was probably one of the best decisions we've made. I can't tell you how many of our relatives have told us "I wish I'd done that!" It isn't for everyone, of course. We were in a long distance relationship so we had family spread out across two continents, which meant we'd basically have to have two weddings if we wanted to involve everyone. I wasn't about to ask anyone to spend 20 hours on a plane for a few hours' celebration. Besides, we both just finished school and didn't have a ton of money. Our plan is to save up enough for a month-long honeymoon trip through Europe at the end of next year, which we'd both prefer.

    I had been planning a wedding (that is, making a Pinterest board), but at the end of the day I realized a) I hate being the center of attention, b) I hate spending money, and c) I hate dancing, so eloping made much more sense. We found an officiator who met us at a little park and we said our vows in front of two friends, then we went to the beach and our favorite Mexican restaurant in the evening. It was perfect. We got our pictures taken a few weeks later--professional photos were really the only thing I wanted out of a wedding, anyway!

    Sorry, probably not the most romantic of stories--but if anyone's even thinking about eloping, I highly recommend it!

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