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    Wow, I love this thread! Warmfuzzies in mah heart! The joy in the pictures is so beautiful, love it. And, it is neat to see the different styles and personalities, very inspiring.

    My husband and I got married on Halloween, Hallowedding, if you will ; ). It isn't that we are so obsessed with Halloween (though we do love it!!) as it just happened to be a convenient time for our loved ones as well as the venue was available. We didn't have much of a theme/colors but we married at a a tiny, old church that is actually a museum, all on a mountaintop. We decorated with tons of little votive candles, pumpkins and gourds -some hollowed out to make lanterns, succulents, terrariums, the odd gnome here and there, old globes, branches, peacock feathers and on and on. None of it should have necessarily gone together but it was what we liked and it somehow worked. There were some catastrophes (my wedding dress failed to arrive so my lovely mother in law helped me find something 2 weeks before the wedding eep! as well as wedding planner troubles) but there were also some amazing things (my husband's bff who was deployed used his leave to come back for our wedding!!! best surprise ever! The awesome bff and I plotted together and were able to surprise my husband pretty epically, it was the best). Here are some pictures of our day!

    I didn't care about matching dresses at all, so I just asked my bridesmaids to wear something that made them feel beautiful. They were/are stunning! For their privacy, I put little hearts over their lovely faces.

    Oops, out of room for pics! I'll post a few more in a minute.
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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