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    @Kibby, I can only speak from a traditional-wedding perspective, but here are the advantages I feel my hometown wedding had:

    1. I was able to have 230+ relatives and friends attend. This would not have been feasible with a destination wedding, as very few of them could have made the trip.

    2. I was able to utilize locations with personal meaning: hair done at my sister's local salon, ceremony in our own church, photos at my beloved alma mater (featuring a gorgeous stone mansion).

    3. We were able to support favored local businesses. We were able to use a florist who is a family friend, my sister who is a beautician, a close friend for photography, a local friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who made a beautiful cake for MUCH cheaper than any professional venue, a small local formal clothing shop for men that has a great reputation and lovely personal touch.

    4. We didn't have the stress of traveling prior to the big day, and in those few days pre-wedding I was able to stay home, revel in my last few days of living with my parents and sisters, finish some last-minute wedding prep, and celebrate my upcoming big day with friends, rather than worry about packing and catching a flight and leaving.

    5. Home is more comfortable to me. This is a personal thing and may not resonate with you. But I was very nervous prior to my wedding--nervous about the MAJOR life change, moving out of my house, making a lifetime commitment, etc., and for me it was important to be in my comfort zone as that big moment approached. (My nerves dissipated as soon as I walked down that aisle, by the way. )

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I know that destination weddings have their own advantages and are perfect for many people, but having never been to one nor planned one, I can't contribute anything to that side. Just thought I'd offer you some perks of a home wedding. Good luck!

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    The only regret I have is that i waited a year to get married. I wish I'd done it in 6-7 months, but I think it's more because I'm so sick of planning the whole thing. I know that day ill be happy as can be. I do love everything I've planned and seeing everyone's outpouring of love and excitement for my day has made it worth it. Warm beach honeymoon is the way to go. Glowing tan in the middle of a cold winter? Yes please!
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    Catloverd - A vow renewal on the beach sounds so perfect!

    As far as people coming to the wedding, I honestly do not care to throw a party for 150 people we barely know and rarely see, so I'm kind of hoping a Wedding 5 days before Christmas that most of my extended family will have to travel 9+ hours to get to means many of them won't show up. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I dislike large crowds, and if all 23+ first cousins, and their kids come, it will far exceed the restraints of our single income budget at that time. (I have to keep in mind that I will still be in school while planning this whole thing!)

    Ottilie - The only problem is, if we don't do a destination wedding, the 'honeymoon' will have to wait til April/May when I graduate from College, there wouldn't be time or money for a trip in December. Which again, draws another line, December trips over Christmas are even more expensive, so that will likely throw the cost of a Destination wedding Further into the stratosphere. Why do weddings have to be so expensive?!?!

    @Alzora - you make some very great points, and I wish my hometown was bigger But there aren't even any hotels for out of town guests to stay at, so right now we are planning on hosting the event in the nearest large city that we currently inhabit His hometown! I know a long flight and travelling will probably stress me out when I really won't need more stress! I hate flying....

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    Oh my. Now I have wedding cravings and baby cravings. We've been talking about getting married lately, and what sort of wedding we'd like. We both definitely want very small, and in the snow, with a reception inside of course so our guests don't die.

    kibby: I am so with you on the loving my family, but not necessarily wanting every single one of them to show up. We talked about doing a California wedding, where all of my family and a lot of his lives. We've decided to do Alaska when and if we do it, so that most of them won't come.

    Five hours away from the nearest airport.

    In the middle of winter.

    We even talked about how fun it would be to "elope" and go up to a glacier on a helicopter just the two of us, but we both said there are a few people we really would like to be with. For a honeymoon, we've both always wanted to go on a riverboat cruise, one of those old-timey ones, maybe down the Mississippi. I'd wear a different hat every day, and in the evenings we'll dance until our shoes fall off.
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    Our wedding was sort of combo local and destination deal. Our familie live all over the place, so the local aspect didn't help much - somebody was going to have to travel no matter what. We also reasoned that the distance would be short enough for those who felt really close to, but just long enough that certain extended family wouldn't bother. This turned out to be not so true - apparently people like an excuse for a cheap, semi-local vacation. Our site was about two hours from where DH and I were living and I will say that it was frustrating not to be able to re-visit the grounds as often as I would have liked in order to remind myself what I had to work with.

    Our honeymoon was the furthest from what I would have ever chosen. We had to move cross-country just two weeks after our wedding, so we quickly donated/sold/shipped everything we owned and then got in the car and drove. Since we were on a tight budget, we ended up setting up a tent and camping along the way, but we did see some amazing sights, such as the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Sedona, Santa Fe, and the Smokey Mountains. We splurged in Sedona and got a nice room with a beautiful view of the giant red rocks. I guess my point is that you do what works and the newly-married high will most likely make it great.

    Ok, here are a few more pictures that I was able to scrounge up:

    Our non-traditional cake, covered in edible flowers (made by a pastry chef friend)

    Husband went to high school with a woman who now owns a lavender business, so we got a good deal on little lavender satchels. We handed them out to guests before the ceremony and they threw the dried buds at us as we walked back down the aisle.
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