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    Awwwwww, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading about everybody's weddings and seeing the pictures! Thanks for giving me more of a window into your lives....all so beautiful!
    Pam Satran

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    Oooh fun! My husband and I just recently celebrated our first anniversary. Our wedding was very simple. Late April, outside at a park, unfortunately very cold that specific day. I didn't notice until after the ceremony. Colour was green. We both wore Converses. I made the centerpieces out of recycled glass bottles that I painted. I made a cupcake stand out of old records. Nothing fancy. The one thing I also regret is not having a videographer.

    I like ducks and my husband likes robots so we had robot duck wedding favors.

    Our cake toppers were Lego Joker and Harley Quinn.

    My favourite wedding pic!!

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    First of all, everyone's pictures are stunning.
    Missusaytch - goodness gracious! I absolutely love, love, love your table and chairs and so many of your other details! Totally no mystery why you're a pintrest star

    I was married in July 2010, and the only thing I knew that I wanted from the beginning was for the ceremony to be in a secluded, wooded location. We ended up holding the entire wedding at a Buddhist retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains, amidst the redwoods. I feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful site. The ceremony itself took place in a large "fairy ring", which is a ring of trees that grew in a circle around the base of a much older tree which has since died (see picture below). We kept things pretty simple and we really let nature be our biggest decoration. Our working colors were spring green and various shades of bluish-purple, but we had so few decorations, it didn't have much impact. Our flowers, which were all from a local farmer, ended up dictating our predominant colors. The reception was in a grassy clearing, where we had set up a dance floor and some tables. Since we were at a retreat center in the mountains, we could have the music blaring and dance for as long as we liked. There was a fire pit and several of our friends, who were camping on the premises, continued to revel for us around the bonfire, long after husband and I went to our little cabin.

    We ended up doing a Jewish ceremony, as you can see in one of the pictures. Both hubby and I are Jewish matrilineally and non-Jewish patrilineally, so we thought a lot about it before making up our minds. In the end, we knew that it would mean something to our Jewish grandparents and agreed that the Hebrew was both a nice connection to ancient tradition. If it's what you want, I'm sure you could incorporate some traditions, even if you don't have the full religious ceremony. Perhaps signing an egalitarian Katubah with lovely Hebrew calligraphy?

    We had no wedding party, which I sometimes actually regret. I didn't want to inconvenience my friends at the time, but I think that may have been a bit silly. My friends were so integral to my wedding and it would have been a nice way of honoring them. I also agree with Missusaytch that it would have been nice to have an organized set of people helping me with specific things. And, well, processionals and recessionals are an excuse to listen to lovely music for a little while longer.

    I also agree with lexiem about the rehearsal. We didn't have one (no wedding party-what could go wrong?), but it definitely made things more stressful and awkward. We had a "rehearsal dinner" on the beach the night before. Husband went to the beach at 6am that morning to stake out picnic tables, and various friends guarded them throughout the day. Can you tell we were on a budget? What were we thinking?? haha...

    Both husband and I were working full time jobs, planning everything ourselves, and also preparing for a 3,000 mile move just two weeks after our wedding (we really were nuts), so not all the details we dreamed up were able to come to fruition. Our goal was a DIY wedding a la missusaitch, but we weren't able to pull it off with the amount of money and in the amount of time we gave ourselves. I didn't love my dress. Our professional pictures, which was one thing we really splurged on, turned out turned out little better than pictures taken by friends - I so wish we had beautifully post-processed photos. None of my family from NL could make it and still we had more people in attendance than we had hoped. It was far from perfect - but it was my wedding to my love and that's what I try to remember.

    My best advice is just to make it as personal as you can. These special elements are what warm my heart the most when I think back on that day. For example, a dear friend of ours who is a pastry chef made our wedding cake and my brother in law, who is a glass blower, made our toasting flutes. I attached a locket with a picture of my parents, who died when I was young, to my bouquet and gave a similar locket to my grandmother. Husband and I are vegetarian, so served a completely vegetarian dinner (to much protest and skepticism) because that was a reflection of who we are. Special songs, meaningful flowers - things like that are what make up for the other things that go awry.

    So, nameberry is only allowing me to upload four picture links at a time - I can add more in another post, if anyone is interested!

    Sorry for the length of this post!
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    Lots of Flowers! i adore flowers and nature. That is what i would want anyway.
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    I still can't post pics so mine will be brief!

    We got engaged in Feb 08 and married in may 08! Short engagement as hubby had secretly been arranging a lot of it himself already-including venue. So we combined everything!! First off we had a family only ceremony (20 people) on the beach. Very intimate, followed by an afternoon high tea. No bridal party - my husband and I chose our closest and oldest friends as our witness and my BF chose her own dress! Then we had a huge party that night at our favourite pub with 250 of our family, extended family and friends! We had an AMAZING band (as we love a good dance) that played all night and canapés and cocktails served all night.

    There were some of our friends who were little peeved they didn't come to the ceremony but we didn't want 250 people at the ceremony so we kept it to family only and then invited everybody to the party.

    My dress was the splurge. Custom made short, 50s flarey frock with tulle underneath. Had a slight Japanese influence with a one of a kind obi made as a panel in the front and back of the dress. Colour was a very soft pink with the obi in pinks, purples and pale greens. Wore the most delicious high, purple, velvet shoes. Perfect party dress for later!

    So we while it was quite non-traditional it had some traditional elements. Best part of the night was the speeches. I will always remember my husbands and my husband always says the same of mine. Most importantly everything was very relaxed and "loved up!"

    The way my husband ended his speech:
    "I know now that I love every minute that I am with you and I know now that in 60 years or so after a wonderful life together, I'm not going to be embarrassed when I meet up to reflect on my life with my Pop again. This is because we are going to talk about how proud he is that I spent my life caring for and loving a woman as wonderful as you"

    Heart melts.....
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