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    You are all the most beautiful and inspiring ladies ever. Who knew weddings could look so fun? Kristen & Al, I've already gushed over you two, but ooooooh that cake looks yummy, Al! And how cute is your little flower girl, K? Adorable.
    Bethan, the carousel idea is so sweet! Looks like a nice wedding.
    Poppy, love those photo's, I kind of wish I'd have a Jewish wedding...
    Maggie, the dress and the location are breathtaking! Lovely. Who knew the Canadian parliament looks like a fairy castle?
    Dina, private it says!
    Lex, whosa, I will have to write those things down! The idea for Roo is lovely though... Love it!
    Cat, so cute! You two look so in love and so young... afraid my wedding pics won't be that cute.

    I have some ideas, will post them later...

    More stories and photos please! We want to see them all.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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