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    OMG Maggie, what a gorgeous location!
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    So I was posting from work before and didn't have access to my pictures... everyone has fun pics to share! Not my wedding pics yet, but my favorite engagement pictures. My photographer is amazing... beyond amazing. We went big on that because after it's all over, you have the spouse and the pictures
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    I know I want green, orange and red to be my theme colours when I get married. I love the colours of autumn (though would rather get married in the summer because... well... it's England and that would be my only shot at a warm sunny day ). I like planning things so I've already done a ton of research. I'll put together a photo montage of what my dream wedding would look like

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    Clearly not married but I've ended-up as honorary brides maid in enough wedding parties I wasn't supposed to be part of its become a running joke. I used to (and sometime still do) wedding make up professionally so it's turned into one of my go to gifts for close enough friends (super cheap for me, saves the bride a ton of money and ensure she takes at least 1 hour before the wedding to get pampered). I have a friend who is an amazing baker and makes multi-teared wedding cakes as her gift. Tap your friends skills (if they can do them in Italy) and use them. They'll love helping out and you have less to worry about.

    What I've picked up over the last dozen-ish weddings is this:

    1) Choose your MoH very carefully. I know you always want it to be your best friend but if she is at all self-centered, ditzy or unreliable. Choose someone else. If she's younger and has never been in a wedding before, make sure she understands what you expect of her. My friend choose her 16 yr old sister as her MoH and the poor girl didn't know what she needed to do apart from walk down the aisle. Since they are like sisters to me I just started nudging her through it. This can be anything from keeping track of who you want in what wedding picture to, what time things are being delivered and who contact people are for everything, to making sure you eat before she does. (Trust me this is important, and even more so if you are breast feeding - brides and grooms tend to forget to eat until they almost faint because everyone wants a piece of them).

    2) My wedding is going to be in a small venue. Hopefully no church involved anywhere. My friend did this and it was awesome. Put the dancefloor in a separate room from the dinners. It forces people to awkwardly stand around the wall instead of reliving prom by awkwardly watching the two couples dancing on the floor. (This helps the mood). If it's all out doors find a way to section them if it's not too much trouble. The other side of the buffet table that is stuffed with flowers - which I feel like yours will be - totally works.

    3) The more organized you are to begin with the better. Make lists you can hand off to other people the day before the wedding. The day of the wedding GET YOURSELF PAMPERED!!!

    4) Have a rehearsal the day before the wedding not the day of. This sounds self-evident but after going to three day of rehearsals I realize it might not be. It helps everyone involved be more relaxed the day of.

    5) Bring a multi-card reader and laptop/external drive to the wedding. Or get the BM to do it. This will allow for collection of all digital photo's before your guest leave that evening. So you'll have all (non-professional) images right away and you don't have to hunt people down. And, you usually get at least one great picture of every guest because someone else took it for you.

    6) The most important thing for your wedding to be perfect is for YOU TO HAVE FUN!!! The only wedding that's not perfect is when the bride is stressed out. Don't Bridezilla.

    I think you guys should make Roo a tinny flower girl/ring bearer. I realize she'll be much to young but your rings could go in a little mini purse for her and someone could push or carry her down the aisle for you. Then when it's time for the ring exchange your or your FI can hold her while the other gets the rings out of her bag and she can be right there when you exchange them. (Also I'd try to designate someone she adores as "Roo's MoH" or something. I'd suggest someone who isn't your parent or his, it will allow you to know that she is always looked after when your not holding her and her needs are tended to by one particular person and you won't have to constantly look for someone to change her diapers or find her bottle or what not).

    (Yikees that was really long. Sorry. Hope at least it's helpful.)
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    Well I had a Harry Potter (mostly focused on colors) themed wedding in October, on the day my husband and I first met, which is also the same day he proposed. I had a Catholic Ceremony and then a reception followed after. I think photos were the most fun. Me and my girls took photos with our favorite Harry Potter book. We also went to a park after the ceremony and took some gorgeous fall photos.

    Most of the things at our wedding I had made. I made a total of 100 wands as favors, which we also used in our pictures. I made all the bouquets, including mine! (origami lilies) I also made 988 cranes, my husband made 12 (total = 1,000 cranes), lol! So he helped a little.

    For pictures and more info about our wedding, you can check them out here at my wedding blog:

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