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    Help dealing with the flu while pregnant

    Can anybody offer me tips for dealing with the flu? My three year old and I seem to have some sort of flu stomach thing, yay right? Its very painful and its a very hot and humid 80 degrees outside on top of the fever I have. Gatorade and crackers arr really my only go to . Please help if you can. Thanks

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    Aww I'm sorry you're now sick hootowl! I hate to say it but I think you've already covered the best tips: liquids and crackers. Add in as much rest as possible - lay down as much as you can. That's really all I can think of since you can't take much medicine. Just drink as much water/gatorade as your body will allow and eat crackers, toast, anything bland and starchy. Hopefully it will pass quickly. If you start to feel any cramping or abdominal pain, I would prob call the OB just to be safe. But most important thing is to make sure you don't dehydrate and to rest, rest, rest. Good luck!

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    Be sure to take acetaminophen so your fever doesn't get too high. And if your fever starts getting scarily high then I would call your doctor and probably visit the ER.
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    How miserable, hope you get well soon.
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