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    I'll add my link again! We were married on August 25, 2012.

    Ottilie, I'm not sure how helpful I'll be because my wedding was very formal. We were married at a Lutheran church and our reception was at Ayers House, which was the former home of the first premier of South Australia. During my engagement, I was obsessed with the wedding blog Style Me Pretty and was so excited when my wedding was featured in the blog! Good luck with your wedding plans! It's such an exciting time, although, if I'm honest, by the time we were three months out from the wedding, I was over all the planning and so ready to just get married!
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    Apparently I'm no good at technology, so no pictures from me. I'll just talk about it!

    My wedding was quite formal, with the ceremony in an old church where my grandparents were married 60 years earlier. I wore a large A-line style tulle dress, and my colours were deep purple and gold. Bridesmaids were in plum coloured cocktail length dresses, men in black tuxes. My flowers were lavender and ivory roses with eggplant calla lilies. We did wedding pictures in a park up the road, and the fall leaves were perfect, all orange and yellow! It was a cool, cloudy day but the sun peaked out just a bit by the end of our photo session, which was perfect. We also did some photos in a faux-old grist mill by the lake (more like a pond). We had a formal sit down dinner at a ballroom in a local hotel, which I had picked out years before I met Steve! We had a live band, and a bin of flip flops for guests to take if their feet got sore. Our favours were little boxes of Lindt chocolates, and our centerpieces were glass cylinders filled with water and a magenta orchid inside. We had a gold and ivory backdrop, and a canopy hanging around the chandelier.

    It was a great day!

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    Our fall wedding was pretty traditional. Catholic church ceremony with our awesome, feisty Irish priest. Took pictures by a lake. Had our reception at a golf/country club. Our colors were blue and silver. We had a really elaborate dessert table!

    It was a wonderful day, but we were both happy when all the stress of wedding planning was over and we could enjoy being married!
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    Otter you're welcome.

    Rosey - I got two words for you: Suggestion Box. I'm serious. Tell your family and friends their suggestions are important to you and you want to be able to give them proper consideration as they deserve. However, it's your wedding and ultimately they only people who need to love it are you and your hubby-to-be. Put the suggestion box someplace in your house that's fairly neutral or if people live to far away ask them for hand written suggestions sent to you by mail. (One suggestion per piece of paper). This way you can sort through them when you want, and you don't have to respond to the right away. You might love someone's suggestion and you can even make a little game out of it at the wedding with a speech thanking everyone for their input and reading out the most successful or ridiculous/not fitting suggestions made. Most important of all, nobody can put you on the spot to have to tell them you love or hate their idea right then and there. (Plus people only suggest things they are super passionate about in suggestion boxes - the whole thing of writing it down often deters people).
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    Oh, my goodness, this thread is total candy! I love the pictures, the variety . . . We've been married 13 1/2 years (I count half years, we need credit for those), and I don't have any digital photos, but brief description: our wedding was very small (about 65) and sort of wild flower elegant. It was in a restaurant that was an eighteenth century tollhouse. Flowers were loose but lush, lots of vines, some roses and lilies, cosmos, hydrangeas, gomphrena, green, white, pale pink, violet-blue . . . I just let my florist pick stuff from her garden. Rectangular tables lined with tiny jars of wildflowers interspersed with votives. (Can you tell I'm into flowers?) We wrote our vows/ceremony ourselves, incorporating some Jewish and Thai Buddhist elements to reflect some aspects of our respective heritages. Also, my husband spent his first 10 years in Hawaii and my in-laws ordered us these incredibly fragrant leis to wear toward the end of the ceremony.

    I had my dress made--very simple, floaty, slim, sort of an empire waisted slip dress with buttons all down the back. No veil--I had some baby's breath in my hair. And I wore my mother-in-law's incredible ruby necklace from Thailand. My hubby just wore a suit with braces (suspenders) which I loved--we're not really black tie-type people (I can appreciate black tie for others, though).

    About your little one . . . five months, hmm. Probably pretty alert much of the time, but not too mobile, which is a good thing! I haven't read carefully through all of the comments, so I'm not positive what has/hasn't been suggested, but I love the idea of her being carried down the aisle--perhaps holding a little bouquet of her own? No biggie if she tosses it, I'd think.

    Best of luck! Your style sounds dreamy!

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