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    Mine was this past December, the "Faerie Love Tea Party Enchanted Swamp Holiday Wedding Spectacular"

    It was really fun and we did it very inexpensively.
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    Dina, you are so stunning! You and hubs to be are going to make beautiful babies.

    Rosey, that is sucky. My mother doesn't care about weddings (she likes them, but she wants us to do what we want as she was pressured into something she didn't want to do) and my soon to be MIL has already had three upper crust weddings, and she knows my boyfriend wants something different. I'm grateful no one's butting in. I hope you'll get your special wedding!

    Blade, that is so beautiful. I love it! Looks like you!

    Alzora, we've invited 80 people (and their children), but we'll see who makes it. Lots of our friends live in Oz and America, and not sure if they'll make it over... I've almost decided on the wedding dress and that's about it. Been busy with a certain little madam

    Moonkai, now there's a wedding! How charming and delightful and fun! And that little fairy is cute as a button.
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    Thank you for starting this thread! This is so much fun, I adore weddings! I have never met a wedding I don't like. And all of your pictures have just been gorgeous!

    Ottilie, Dindlee and Rosey (and any other engaged berries), congrats on the engagements and happy wedding planning! Rosey, I'm sorry to hear that you feel a bit disheartened by the planning process. It can be overwhelming, especially if your family is demanding. I found the best response was to listen politely, say "thanks! That's a great idea!" and then just do whatever I wanted to do in the first place!

    We got married this past October, after a 16 month engagement period, during which time both my brother and my sister were married! (poor parents!) so I had lots of time to figure things out and no stress. It worked well for me, but I can see some people going crazy waiting that long! I am not an arts and crafts person, although I do like the look (like MrsH's wedding!), so I paid people to do everything. haha. It made my life so much easier and kept me from freaking out. I agree with what Lexie had to say - great advice! And many others have given great advice too.

    Okay, I haven't posted pictures before, so I am going to go try to figure it out! be back soon with pics!

    ETA - Dindlee, we invited 280 people, but ended up with 210 after all the single people didn't bring +1s (which I really appreciated!) I'm not sure if 280 is your final number or your final invite count, but if it's the latter, you might end up with fewer. I know it's big, but I didn't find 210 too overwhelming, and I loved not having to cut anyone out of our guest list!
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    @Rosey - awwww, that bites, but if it helps I had an October wedding and it was beautiful. The temperature is just right, not too hot, not too cold, and the changing of the leaves makes for beautiful outdoor pictures. I recommend finding a park with a lot of trees, that's what we did and our favorite photos are the ones at the park! So I hope that helps you get a little more excited

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    I got married in the "olden days" before everyone did digital photography. We got our wedding pics on cd rom, hot stuff back then, lol. But I will see what I can find...had a few on photobucket before it got all stupid on me...

    My mom made my dress from a pattern of a princess halloween costume. DH had a purple vest and wore bridesmades wore purple dip dye skirts and white eyelet tank tops, the groomsmen wore purple vests in in a different shade than DH. We got married in the crazy church we attended at the time, reception in the hall downstairs from there...but we are both pretty low key that is just our style. The wedding is one day, not to say it shouldnt be special and exactly what you want but one day and so we did it cheap and easy. I would have loved to elope or get married outside but my parents were paying for it and very big into us *not* getting married outside (eloping, we would have done in secret) and we were both young, so sort of followed their rules. We plan on having a recommitment ceremony at our 20th (gosh, only 8ish years away!) and *will* do that outside.
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